The Clanwilliam Dam wall is being raised, with eventual flooding of some areas of cultural and historic interest. Before this happens, the Clanwilliam Dam Community Project (CDCP) involved both adults and children from the Clanwilliam community in a programme that highlighted the natural diversity of the area, the rich cultural tradition and the vibrant artistic heritage of the Olifants River Valley.

The headings on this website reflect different aspects of this project that lasted two and a half years. Landscape includes reference to the wealth of plant life – including medicinal and food plants. Time reflects on the vast spread of time in the valley, from geological time until comparatively recent history. Stories records oral tradition still alive and well in the memories of people who live here. People includes record of an extensive education project with young people of the area.

The River and the dam have their own information tabs. Most importantly, the archaeological mitigation undertaken by PGS Heritage ahead of the rising waters of the improved dam is highlighted on the Mitigation tab.